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Going Blue For World Water Day

TORONTO – Through the advocacy of national registered charity Water Ambassadors Canada, landmarks across Canada will be illuminated in blue to mark World Water Day and raise awareness within Canada about the global water crisis.

“While access to clean water is a core part of the Canadian identity, it’s not a reality shared equally around the globe. Today 1 in 10 people lack access to clean drinking water and 2.3 billion people lack access to basic sanitation,” Water Ambassadors CEO Brian Johns said. “While a lack of access to clean water is the number one cause of death and disease in the world, the good news is that addressing this global challenge is simple: give people the basic tools they need to access clean water.”

Water Ambassadors Canada has been delivering clean water access to people in over 20 countries for two decades. The charity works with in-country partners to deliver the resources communities need to access and maintain a sufficient supply of clean water. These life-saving tools include: filters and filter stations to purify water and eliminate microbes; chlorinators to treat contaminated water; and making repairs to existing wells or drilling new wells to renew or create nearby water sources when water access is scarce. The charity also provides handwashing stations for churches, schools, and villages as well as basic hygiene education that can be passed down between generations within a community.

“Even during a global pandemic, there’s still a lot of ways people across Canada can help,” Johns continued. “While our volunteer trips to partner countries are on hold, we’re still connecting our in-country partner teams with the financial and material resources they need to keep water flowing. Canadians who provide financial support help to maintain clean water access at past project sites while helping in-country partners to drill or repair wells in new communities.”

Water Ambassadors Canada receives generous contributions from individuals, church groups, and businesses across Canada who share the charity’s mission to change lives with clean water. The organization is currently working to raise $100,000 in a matching donation campaign to fund new water projects around the world in 2021.

Anyone who would like to lend their own support to this important cause are encouraged to make a special $25 donation in recognition of World Water Day by texting WATER to 45678 or visiting

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