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What you made possible on World Water Day 2021

By Brian Johns, Chief Executive Officer

Over the last 20 years, WAC has become a trusted ally to in-country partners in Africa, Central America, and South America. We’re well-known for our volunteer trips that deliver clean water access to schools, churches, and villages.

But our partners on the ground tell us the need for clean water is outpacing our ability to provide it – and that we must find a way to get clean water to even more people.

To do that, we’re working to grow and engage a nation-wide network of supporters and donors who are dedicated to the cause of clean water and willing to do whatever we can to end the global water crisis together. A week ago, we concluded a month-long effort to bring awareness across Canada to the global water crisis and to raise much needed funds for our water projects around the world.

Our supporters, donors, and volunteers across Canada made World Water Day 2021 a huge success. Here’s what you made possible:

We’ll have more updates in the weeks and months ahead but for now, I just want to thank you once again for helping to make World Water Day – and our first quarter of 2021 – such a huge success!

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