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Meet Our Team

Our Vision

Access to clean water is a human right. Together we can create a world where everyone has access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation services no matter where they live.

young girl drinking out of water bottle

Our Mission

We bring teams from Canada to drill and repair wells, install water purification systems and water filters, and teach health and hygiene classes.

Well digging mock up for training

Our Core Values

Our model ensures maximum efficiency, complete transparency and a truly rewarding experience for donors and volunteers.

smiling children waving through an opening in a wall

Staff Team

We’re committed to keeping administrative costs down in order to directly invest the bulk of donor support towards water projects. By maintaining a small but effective staff team and a volunteer Board, and by working with knowledgeable in-country partners, we’re able to deliver access to clean water to communities in urgent need around the world.

Brian Johns, Chief Operating Officer

Brian is a successful businessman who first became passionate about water issues after a life-changing visit to Guatemala to drill a well and deliver clean water. He continues to embrace this hands-on approach to problem solving in his leadership role as CEO with the support of a strong international team working together to help change lives with clean water. Brian and his wife Mariangela live in Sharon, Ontario with their daughter Vittoria.

Jeff Merriman, Field & Projects Director

Jeff spent his decades-long career as an Environmental Engineer working to clean up contaminated groundwater. This connection to water issues sparked his interest in the work of Water Ambassadors Canada and led him to join a trip to Guatemala to drill a well for a rural village. He now serves as our Field and Projects Director, helping to provide clean water to families and communities around the world. Jeff lives in Waterloo, Ontario with his wife Jo Ann.

Ursula Devolin, Teams & Events Coordinator          

Ursula’s commitment to humanitarian causes dates back to her work as a mentor and English teacher to North Korean defectors in South Korea. Ursula found her passion for water issues after her father, brother, and niece joined a water project trip to Guatemala. She began fundraising for the charity and now works as the Teams and Events Coordinator responsible for supporting trip teams and fundraising event participants. Ursula lives in Haliburton, Ontario with her husband Barry and their two children.

Alla Mizer, Office Operations

Alla’s deep concern for people, the environment, and healthy living inspired her to study Biology and Environmental studies at the University of Latvia before moving to Canada in 2007. These interests led her to become an active local hospital volunteer and to join Water Ambassadors Canada where she could help provide clean water to those in need. Her commitment to water issues has inspired her young daughter to become a volunteer with the charity. Alla lives in Alberta with her husband Aleksandrs and their two children.

Board Team

Our dedicated Board steers the course toward a future where clean water is a reality for all. Comprised of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and expertise, our Board members bring a wealth of experience in water-related fields, international development, and strategic leadership.

Barry Hart, Founder and Chair

Barry and his wife Heather are former teachers who founded Water Ambassadors Canada after learning that a lack of clean water is the world’s largest cause of death and disease, but also one of the easiest problems to fix. With the support of countless volunteers and donors, Barry and Heather have built Water Ambassadors Canada into a leading registered water charity across Canada and around the world. Together, they are enjoying retirement in Haliburton, Ontario.

Gordon Mount, Secretary & Treasurer

Gord joined Water Ambassadors during a trip to Guatemala where a team of doctors told him that clean water must always be the top aid priority, or else any medical interventions will remain short-lived. He has applied that advice, and over forty years of experience as a Partner at KPMG, to his roles as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair of the Resource Development Committee at Water Ambassadors Canada. Gord lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Paula.

George Budd, Director

George has always had a passion for humanitarian work, having served at the Young Street Mission and as pastor at Curve Lake Christian Assembly, located in Curve Lake First Nation near Peterborough. He is a founding member of Water Ambassadors Canada and became involved with the charity through his friendship with its founders.  George is originally from Saskatchewan and now lives in Douro-Dummer, Ontario with his wife Beth.

Nick Di Palma, Director

Nick is a chartered accountant with over 30 years of experience in the finance and accounting sectors. He is passionate about helping others and uses his extensive financial knowledge volunteering his time preparing personal tax returns for seniors. Nick is a long-time volunteer hockey and soccer coach and has been an active volunteer with Water Ambassadors Canada for over 10 years. He enjoys traveling and home renovation projects in his spare time. Nick lives in Vaughan, Ontario with his wife Rose and their four children.

William Lam, Director

William served as an emergency room physician for 20 years before retiring in 2011. He is actively involved in volunteering with many organizations including Bible Study Fellowship, Sanctuary Ministries, and 105 Gibson Centre. William has participated in water project trips to Central America every year since 2013, having the privilege to lead many of these teams since 2014. William lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Caroline. Together they have four children.

Robert Positano, Director

Robert made his career in the auto industry by retailing and leasing cars. In his free time, he leads a men’s activity group and loves to golf. He got involved with Water Ambassadors Canada after reflecting on the spirit of Lent, choosing to add something to his life that would help others. That addition was working to drill wells for those without access to clean water. Robert lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Wendy. They both recently became grandparents.

Geri Rodman, Director

Geri is a founding member of Water Ambassadors Canada and has lived a life of service to others through her work at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Throughout her involvement with Water Ambassadors Canada, Geri has enjoyed seeing the impact on volunteers after helping to deliver water projects in countries around the world. Geri lives with friends in Etobicoke, Ontario.

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