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Water Projects

Since 2002, Water Ambassadors Canada has helped provide clean water to communities in 20 different countries. Become a water ambassador today and help us continue to make a lasting impact. 

A Typical Water Ambassadors Canada Project

Take a look at what we do, whether it’s drilling a well or installing a water purification system, each water project is a life changing experience for both volunteers and communities alike.

children playing with buckets of water

Community Engagement

Solving the global water crisis involves teamwork. We communicate with in-country partners, organizations and local villagers before we ever set foot in these communities to understand their water needs and create custom solutions. We believe community engagement is key to ensure long-term, sustainable change.

Community Education

Knowledge is power, and no water trip is complete without community education and training. To ensure a sustainable solution after our team leaves, we empower communities with basic water, sanitation and hygiene tips so that they can become water ambassadors themselves.

smiling children waving through an opening in a wall
close up of person drinking water from a spout

Maintenance and Monitoring

Water Ambassadors Canada works with in-country partners to continually monitor the status and functionality of our wells and purification systems. Communities notify our partners if there any issues with the water technologies so that our team can arrange to have them repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do on a water project?

You might drill a well or repair one, install a water chlorination system or bio-sand filter, and teach health and hygiene. Each trip is different, depending on the need.

What countries will I travel to?

Most of our current projects are in Central and South America and the Caribbean. Consult our list of upcoming water projects for more details.

More FAQs

Depending on diet, we need 2,000 to 5,000 litres of water to produce the food consumed daily by one person.

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