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Donate Monthly

Make an automatic monthly investment into clean water

To become a part of the Cistern, make a monthly donation of $5 or more today and help us raise the funds we need to connect families, churches, and schools with access to clean water every day.

Our list of water projects continues to grow and we’ve already identified dozens more in communities that need your help right now. By making an ongoing monthly donation, you can help our team purchase clean water tools and deliver them wherever they’re needed most.

Monthly Gift What Your Monthly Gift Makes Possible Each Year
$5  1 filter to purify 1,000 litres of clean water each day
$25  4 filters to purify 4,000 litres of clean water each day
$50  1 handwashing station for a church, school, or village
$100  1 filter station for an entire community
$250  1 chlorinator providing 40,000 litres of clean water daily

If you can’t commit to a monthly donation right now, don’t worry – you can still make a one-time donation here. Every bit helps to fund new and existing water projects in communities around the world.

About The Cistern

“Unsafe drinking water is the largest single killer in the world.”

James Salzman, Drinking Water: A History

Why a cistern?

For almost as long as human beings have been drinking water, we have struggled to find safe ways to collect, store, and transport it. Water basins, or cisterns, have been found at archaeological sites around the world and are some of the earliest examples of humanity’s life-saving, life-long mission to access clean water.

Throughout human history, cisterns have been used to collect rainwater and to create shallow underground reservoirs that support the well-being of entire communities, providing nearby access to drinking water and supporting local agriculture in dryland communities.

Cisterns, then, are the perfect symbol for Water Ambassadors Canada and the community of generous donors who make regular, ongoing donations that fund our life-saving water projects around the world.

Who belongs to the Cistern community?

Cistern members are community-focused people just like you. Many became passionate about the global water crisis on their own, through their local church group, or at their workplace. Cistern donors understand that our impact is bigger when we work together.

Why donate monthly?

We know that people who want to help others work hard for their money and have their own bills to pay. The Cistern monthly donor community allows supporters to make ongoing contributions that fit within their budget while delivering clean water projects around the world.

Donating monthly is also one of the most meaningful ways you can help address the global water crisis. While every donation helps, committed donors who make ongoing contributions directly determine how many new water projects we can help fund each month, quarter, and year.

For some, joining the Cistern might mean giving $5 toward water projects each month. For others, it could be $100. The actual amount matters less than the commitment to continue giving on an ongoing basis and help create predictable funding for ongoing and future water projects.

How do payments work?

Once you’ve signed up and submitted your credit card information, we’ll automatically take care of your donation every month. It’s really that simple.

About Water Ambassadors Canada

Water Ambassadors Canada partners with people and organizations in the countries we visit so that we ensure a sustainable solution for clean water access.

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