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Welcome to the Cistern!

The Cistern is a new monthly donor community of Water Ambassadors like you who are directly funding clean water projects benefiting thousands of people around the world every single month.

Like a cistern collects and stores water for an entire community, our donor Cistern allows Water Ambassadors like you to make an automatic monthly investment that, when combined, delivers new clean water tools to communities in over 20 countries.

Give Today

To become a part of the Cistern, make a monthly donation of $5 or more today and help us raise the funds we need to connect families, churches, and schools with access to clean water every day.

Monthly Gift What Your Monthly Gift Makes Possible Each Year
$5  1 filter to purify 1,000 litres of clean water each day
$25  4 filters to purify 4,000 litres of clean water each day
$50  1 handwashing station for a church, school, or village
$100  1 filter station for an entire community
$250  1 chlorinator providing 40,000 litres of clean water daily

Our list of water projects continues to grow and we’ve already identified dozens more in communities that need your help right now. By making an ongoing monthly donation, you can help our team purchase clean water tools and deliver them wherever they’re needed most.

Cistern Monthly Giving


You have chosen to donate $25.00 monthly.

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About Water Ambassadors Canada

Water Ambassadors Canada partners with people and organizations in the countries we visit so that we ensure a sustainable solution for clean water access.

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