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Pray Team Letter: January-February 2021



Hello Pray Team, Happy New Year! 

I am sure that all of us are glad to see 2020 put into the record books. A year ago we used the pun having 2020 vision for the new decade. Who could have predicted what was to come? 

Since then we have all learned new vocabulary: Covid 19, aerosols, Zoom, N 95, hand sanitizer, masking, social distancing, self-quarantine.  We have all seen the impact on our family and social gatherings, our leisure activities, our schools and businesses. I hope and pray that you are all doing well.  I am amazed to see how quickly we all have adapted.  We wear masks, wash our hands continuously and obediently step from one lily pad to the next while lining up 2 m apart waiting to get into a business or store. 

Water Ambassadors Canada also had changes in 2020. We have a new CEO, Brian Johns.  Brian has asked Alla Mizer to help out in the office part time.  Welcome Alla. We have a new logo. The website has a refreshed look. Sadly, we cancelled all water teams from March 2020 forward.  All meetings are on Zoom.  Jeff Merriman, our Field and Project coordinator has been working very hard to line up water projects to be completed by our in country partners using local help. He is also investigating requests from others to help give clean water in their countries.   

Early on in the Covid quarantines, we were concerned that with the cancellation of teams, the completion of water projects would be reduced to a trickle.  But we are seeing that Christ is bigger than Covid! 

The project list is growing at a rapid rate.  Our donors are supporting projects.  Our in country partners are able to complete projects to give clean water.  Jeff is also training and demonstrating new technologies on line. 

Please Pray

So what are the tasks for you, The Pray Team? 

Give thanks to God that we have a new CEO.  Please pray for Brian Johns, his wife Mariangela and young daughter Vittoria.  Give him wisdom as he learns ‘the ropes’ about Water Ambassadors. Here is a link to a short video featuring Brian and me. Feel free to copy and paste and send to your circle. 

Please give thanks to all those who donated this year January-February is tax receipting time. Please pray for accuracy as we improve our record keeping and data base. Please pray for our field coordinator Jeff Merriman as he designates funds to our in country partners to complete much needed drinking water projects. Please give thanks for our in country partners and pray for their safety in travel and on site as they help to provide clean water. 

Rather than featuring a few people every Prayer Letter, here are the names and places that we are currently working with.  This represents thousands of people receiving the gift of clean water. 

You can pray the entire list every time you pray OR pick 1 or 2 names each time you pray. 

  • Jaime Torrez – Guatemala – well drilling 
  • Job Gamez – Honduras – well rehabilitation and repair + bleach makers + water filters. 
  • Rafael Alvarado – Honduras and Nicaragua – well drilling and well rehabilitation + water filters 
  • Jorge Alvarado – Nicaragua – well drilling and well rehabilitation.  
  • Daniel and Helen Bravo – Colombia –chlorination systems 
  • Rafael Afanador – Colombia – chlorination systems and bleach makers. 
  • Arthur Prince Ssajjabi – Uganda – drinking water stations and hand wash stations and well rehabilitation. 
  • Gabriel Polanco – Dominican Republic – chlorination systems mostly in the prisons. 
  • Miguel Andres Moscoso – Ecuador – chlorination systems and bleach makers. 
  • Aaron Banda – Zambia – assistance installing a water system in an orphanage. 
  • Philip/Nancy Wood – DR Congo – on going chlorination and water filters. 
  • Wil Kamphius – Belize- water chlorination 
  • Jeff Sprecher – Guatemala –water filters 
  • John Steinmann – Puerto Lempira, Honduras-chlorination systems    
  • Pastor Hamilton K Bleh –Monrovia, Liberia- water filters 

Please pray for our team coordinator, Ursula Devolin as she has morphed from organizing teams (none!) to promotion and events. Please pray for those who were eager to travel with a water team in 2020 and are now on ‘hold’. Please pray for their patience as the world waits.  Please pray for the program for International Water Day on March 22.  Please pray for wisdom in our planning.  We will keep you posted in the next letter. 

Thank you for praying for us. 







Contaminated drinking water is the biggest cause of death and disease in the world.  Yet it is the easiest global problem to fix.  Just provide clean water.  

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