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How Water Builds Community Ties

By Jeff Merriman, Field Director

Here in Canada, we don’t always realize the power water has to bring a community together. At the beach we stick with the people we came with and at home we dip into private pools. Water is usually something we enjoy on our own or with a small group of friends and family.

In communities without clean water, introducing it tends to bring everyone together. That was definitely the case when Water Ambassadors Canada recently helped facilitate water filter training in a community in Liberia.

Similar to the technology developed for kidney dialysis, contaminated water passes through the filter’s porous, fiber membrane that filters out protozoa, bacteria, and other microbes that cause illness. The system is cost efficient and lightweight and training an entire community can be done in a single afternoon.

After the training session, community members enjoyed a traditional meal made possible by clean water access. Our partner in the community, Hamilton Bleh, sent over a video of community members enjoying the feast.


When we support water projects around the world, we don’t just connect individuals and families with clean water – we also connect them with the rest of their community. Clean water is essential to building up ties between people and delivering a brighter future for their communities.

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