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World Water Day

Help fund a major water project today!

March 22 is World Water Day

Every year on March 22, people across the globe come together to recognize World Water Day. This year, Water Ambassadors Canada will be doing our part to help address the global water crisis by dedicating all funds raised in March to major water projects.

2024 World Water Day Projects

Every dollar raised through this year’s campaign will fund the most difficult and costly water projects on our waitlist.

Here’s a rundown of the projects we’ve selected for the 2024 World Water Day Campaign:

            • Repairs to six wells in India that have been stuck on our waitlist for two years
            • Drilling a new well in Liberia where the drilling-backlog is significant
            • Drilling a difficult new well in Uganda to supply 3,000 people with clean water
            • Drilling a costly new well in Zambia to help fight a nation-wide cholera outbreak

Learn more about our year-round efforts to fund major water projects by visiting The Founders Well.

Make a Special Donation for World Water Day

To donate to the 2024 World Water Day campaign, simply complete the form below.

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