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The Founders Well

Fundraise for the cause of clean water!

The Founders Well

The Founders Well – named in honour of our founders Barry and Heather – is a social fundraising program that raises funds for the most costly and difficult water projects on our waitlist.

Supporters like you can help by donating to an existing well campaign or creating one of your own to help raise money for projects that get passed over year after year.

The Founders Well gives you the tools you need to set up a campaign that family and friends can quickly contribute to online. As you work towards your goal, we’ll combine all the money raised through the Founders Well and put it towards the next project on our waitlist.

Barry and Heather with local partner Jaime Torres delivering a water project in 2020.

Meet Our Founders

Water Ambassadors Canada was founded by retired teachers Barry Hart and Heather Alloway. After hearing a presentation about the desperate need for clean water around the world, they decided to take action. They soon found themselves in a poor Guatemalan village working with other ambassadors for clean water to drill a new well.

Water Ambassadors Canada was born from that life-changing experience and over 20 years later, our charity has delivered over 1,000 projects in 25 countries around the world, helping change the lives of over 500,000 people by connecting them to clean water.

While we continue to focus on delivering hygiene education, water tool maintenance, and well repairs, there are still countless communities around the world waiting for their water needs to be addressed.

Sign-Up or Donate Today

To donate to the Founders Well program, simply scroll down to the donation form below. To start your own well fundraiser, click the ‘Join as an individual’ or ‘Join a team’ buttons below.

Other Tips and Ideas

Make Your Timeline a Deadline: Turn your fundraising timeline into a countdown to the end of your campaign. This helps build momentum leading up to the final day and provides an opportunity to reach out to your contacts again as time ticks down.

Make Your Ask Meaningful: Tie your fundraising drive to a number that’s personal to you. For example, if you’re raising money to celebrate your 5th wedding anniversary, consider asking for a minimum donation of $5 or making your total fundraising goal $555.

Match Donations: If you’re able, consider committing to personally matching donations that friends and family make to your campaign. Matching campaigns instantly double the amount of money raised and can help inspire more people to give. You can either match donations as you go along or make one bigger donation at the end of your campaign.

Raise the Bar: Sometimes we receive an overwhelming amount of support when we put our hearts into raising money for important causes. That can lead to meeting our fundraising targets ahead of schedule. If that happens, thank those who have chipped in already. Then consider increasing your target. Every dollar helps deliver more clean water!

Form a Team: If you know someone who wants to join you in your campaign, create a team page and ask them to set up their own personal fundraising page so they can join your team. By combining your networks of friends and families, you can raise even more money for clean water projects. You can create a team or join an existing team through your dashboard on the peer-to-peer fundraising tool.

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