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Buy-One-Give-One Water Filter Program

Here's How it Works

STEP 1: Complete a BOGO Transaction

Complete a $200 transaction through the form below to purchase a personal filter for yourself and donate a water filter system to a family in need. $125 of this purchase will be eligible for a tax receipt.

STEP 2: Receive a Personal Water Filter

Using the purchase portion of your BOGO transaction, we’ll send you a personal water filter. When attached to a water bottle, it can filter up to 100,000 gallons of drinking water. Use it when you’re traveling, when you head out into the great outdoors, or even as an addition to your home emergency kit. Colours of filters may vary.

STEP 3: Send a Bucket Filter to a Family in Need

Using the donation portion of your BOGO transaction, we’ll work with our in-country partners to give a ten-year, 5 gallon bucket filter system to a family in need in one of the 25 different countries where we help deliver clean water.

It’s that simple. Help get clean water to more families by joining our Buy-One-Give-One filter program today.

Buy a Filter, Give a Filter

$ 200.00
Personal Info

Billing Details

Is your personal filter a gift for someone else? Required
If you are gifting your personal filter to a friend, please provide their shipping address:

Donation Total: $200.00

This is the personal water filter you’ll be purchasing for you or a friend.

Personal Water Filter

This is the bucket water filter system you’ll be donating to a family around the world.

Bucket Water Filter

NOTE: The $125 donation portion of every $200 filter transaction will be eligible for a tax receipt. Personal water filters purchased as part of this campaign will only be shipped to recipients within Canada.

About Water Ambassadors Canada

Water Ambassadors Canada partners with people and organizations in the countries we visit so that we ensure a sustainable solution for clean water access.

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