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If you have additional questions that aren't answered below, please contact our Trip Coordinator, Bethany, at

  1. Do I need to be a Christian to go on one of your water trips?
    Although we are a faith-based Christian charity, everyone is welcome to join.
  2. What countries do your teams travel to?
    Currently, our trips are primarily focused on Central America. However, we are constantly evaluating other areas of water needs around the world. Click here for a list of upcoming trips and locations.
  3. Do you provide training for these water projects?
    Training is not required but we do hold an annual Water Training Camp in June (reduced rate for registered trippers). Please visit the Water Camp page for details. In addition, our team leader or in-country partner will also provide the necessary training while on the field.
  4. Do I need any vaccinations or medications?
    Depending on the country you are visiting, vaccinations will vary. We recommend that you visit your local travel clinic for the appropriate medical advice.
  5. How long are your trips?
    Our trips are generally 8-10 days depending on the trip and our in-country partner's availability. Teams usually leave on a Friday or Saturday and return the following Saturday or Sunday.
  6. What is the cost of your trips?
    Standard trip cost is CA$3200 (based on flying out of Toronto). However, due to the distance and nature of certain trips, some trip costs may be higher. Please contact our office for the most current pricing. Approximate breakdown is as follows (in Canadian dollars):
    • airfare, baggage, transit meals and hotel stays - $1300
    • emergency evacuation/medical insurance - $150
    • in-country hosting, transportation, meals, accommodations - $1200
    • partial contribution to water projects - $300
    • office administration - $250

    Please note: We rely heavily on sponsors and monthly donors to cover a significant portion (if not the entire amount) of our water projects. Trip costs primarily cover trip-related expenses and only a small portion goes towards materials.
  7. Can I fundraise for my trip?
    Yes! We're glad you asked. Please click here for fundraising ideas. Your friends and family can also make tax-receiptable, online donations towards your trip - see Individual Support.
  8. When do registration forms need to be submitted and what is your payment schedule?
    • 4 Months prior: WAC and in-country forms submitted + photocopy of valid passport + first installment of CA$1200; Attend to any prescription and dental needs; Submit Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)
    • 3 Months prior: Second installment of CA$1000; Passport in process; Shots started
    • 2 Months prior: Third installment of CA$1000; Passports and shots completed
    • 1 Month prior: Shots completed
    • TRIP!!
  9. What type of accommodations can I expect?
    Depending on the country and our in-country hosts, accommodations will vary. Please contact Bethany Leung ( for more information.
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