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In 2002, retired teachers Barry Hart and Heather Alloway heard a presentation about the desperate need for clean water around the world. Within a year they found themselves in a poor village in Guatemala with a team of like-minded people, drilling a well. Their passion grew from that experience and they founded LWI Canada which is now known as Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC).

Since then, hundreds of teams from across Canada have taken part in short-term water mission trips to Central America, the Caribbean, Uganda, DR Congo, and Colombia, bringing simple clean water solutions to remote communities that desperately need it.

Water Ambassadors Canada is a faith based, non profit, registered Canadian charity. We take Canadian teams to drill and repair wells, set up water purification systems, distribute water filters, and teach health and hygiene.

Water Ambassadors - changing lives with clean water
Water Ambassadors - changing lives with clean water

Trips, Teams and More

WAC works together with Canadians and international contacts to change lives with clean water. We encourage those who are blessed with so much to reach out in love and compassion to those in need, and to transform their reality with clean water, health, hygiene and healing.

We provide clean water using simple, sustainable technologies—well drilling and repair; chlorination and filtration; and hygiene education. 

SHORT-TERM MISSION TRIPS: About 70% of our projects are completed by self-funded volunteer teams.

LOCAL IN-COUNTRY TEAMS: When Canadian trips are not scheduled, we fund water projects which are completed by trained, local in-country teams. We do this with the assistance of Canadian donors and sponsors.

Whenever possible and as needs arise, we also fund and send portable Sawyer water filters to Sub-Saharan African nations like Uganda and DR Congo. Local ministries then distribute these lifesaving filters to the communities they are serving in.

TRAINING: Water Ambassadors trains and teaches other ministries and humanitarian-minded individuals how to provide clean water. We host water training camps near Toronto, Ontario. Many have received our training and gone on to complete water projects on their own all over the world. Training is not a pre-requisite to join a water team; in-country, onsite training is provided.

DISASTER RELIEF: We financially assist WaterStep, our partner in the U.S., with disaster relief. Canadians have donated to emergency water projects in the Philippines, Haiti, Nepal, Colombia and Ecuador.

AWARENESS: Water Ambassadors regularly presents to churches, colleges, universities, schools, service clubs and other interested individuals and groups to explain how providing clean water is so easily attainable.

PROJECT SPONSORSHIP: We seek financial support from humanitarian-minded individuals and groups to help fund water projects. On average, we can provide clean water at a cost of about $20 per person. The cost of a complete water project (restored well or chlorination system) is $2500 CAD. All donations are fully tax receipted for income tax purposes.

Contaminated drinking water is the biggest cause of death and disease in the world.  It is also the simplest global crisis to fix.  Just provide clean water—that's our mission.


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