Six Ways to Get Involved



If you feel led to donate there are several ways that you can financially support the work of changing lives with clean water:

You may also consider collecting donations through bake sales and garage sales and then forwarding the proceeds to Water Ambassadors Canada. It may be that we are taking teams to a country that you can personally identify with and you would like to direct your giving to a specific upcoming trip.

However you choose to support the giving of clean water, please remember to register with our head office so we can continue to update you on recent trip successes and future trips that may interest you.




Many of our supporters choose to give their ongoing support on a monthly basis. Click here to arrange monthly withdrawals from your bank account or monthly debits to a major credit card.

The above methods are convenient and completely secure. However, you may also mail cheques to our head office. All giving will be tracked and tax receipts issued at year end.



A concerned group in the United States that wanted to raise awareness and monies for the growing global water crisis launched the H20 Project in 2001. They raise funds that are then directed to water charities that actually send teams out to meet the needs of people in developing countries.

The idea is to set aside your usual drink purchases such as coffee, sodas, fresh juices, sports drinks, lattes, cappuccinos and any other drinks you may ordinarily consume for two weeks and replace these drinks with water. Calculate your savings over these two weeks and send that amount to a water based charity. If you feel strongly about this cause, challenge your family and friends to do the same. The cumulative effect can be very beneficial in reducing the global water crisis.

Might we suggest that you send your proceeds to Water Ambassadors Canada, a registered Canadian water charity?


We send teams out to a number of countries every year, primarily in the Caribbean and Central America. Click here for a list of upcoming trips. You can support one of these teams in several different ways:

  1. If there is an opening on the team you may consider going on the trip
  2. You may help the team fundraise for their trip
  3. You may donate funds directly to our head office and designate the trip supported
  4. Maybe you can personally identify with the country we are visiting and want to send children's items like notebooks, crayons, colouring books and personal hygiene items like toothbrushes


You may personally identify with one of the countries that we visit and wish to support a project in that country. Let us know and we will make sure your financial support is directed to that project.

You may know of an area or country that has a water crisis and want to do something about it. It may not even be a country that we currently send teams to. Contact us with your thoughts and maybe we can put together a team to change lives with clean water.

We now have several technologies that purify water and filter impurities from unclean water. The cost of these technologies is often less than sending drill trips. The advantage of these technologies is that they work in areas where there is an abundance of water that is not clean. We can bring these technologies without having to drill wells.

Sawyer Filters M-100 purifier


Many of the areas that our teams visit are very under developed and conditions are not what we are used to in North America. Our teams need your prayer support for safety and success. Although it doesn't happen very often, occasionally the wells we drill are dry. Therefore it is important to pray for a successful water blessed result and the safe return for all team members.

Our ministry, Water Ambassadors Canada, needs your continual prayer support for additional team volunteers and trip destinations and the finances needed for each trip.

Pray also for the guidance of the Board of Directors of our ministry, that they provide the Christ-centered leadership and direction necessary to respond to the global water crisis.

Pray also that the people we encounter on our trips are impacted and changed by Christ in us.


We call our mission teams 'The Eh Team.' We would like to form a Water Ambassadors Canada 'The Pray Team.' Are you a prayer warrior? Do you know someone who is?

If you would like to join 'The Pray Team' please contact Barry Hart by email at or call 705-457-5272 and let us know your preferred method of prayer requests (email or Canada Post). We will send out a prayer list every month or so.

Thank you for considering this.



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