Raising Awareness: The Need For Clean Water!

"They Just Want Clean Water To Drink" ('T-J-W-C-W-T-D') is a phrase that describes the reality of circumstances for more than 1.2 billion people in our world.

Their primary motivation each and every day is finding water to drink. They often walk up to six kilometres for water and that water will not be clean.

Please join us in changing that reality!

  • View the video 'T-J-W-C-W-T-D' on this web page
  • Create your own video clip saying; "They Just Want Clean Water To Drink."
    • It could be in your native language
    • With a group of your friends, co-workers or your family group
    • You might film your clip in a fun location or during a sporting event or social event?

One clip will be chosen every month and edited into the original video.

  • If chosen, you will receive a complimentary copy of "your version of the complete video with your clip" and you will receive recognition on this page the following month.
  • Upload your clip as instructed
  • Please remember we are having some fun with this but the need is very serious. Please film your clips in good taste.


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