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About Water Ambassadors Canada

Water Ambassadors Canada (WAC) is a Canadian charity focused on providing solutions for clean water access to communities in need around the world. WAC achieves this goal through the application of a number of water technologies including well-drilling, well repair, water chlorinators, water filtration and filter stations.

We work with in-country partners all over the world to connect communities with clean water. Whether that means drilling a new well or installing a chlorination system, we work with communities, villages and individual residents to provide sustainable clean water solutions that ensures a consistent supply for decades to come.

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Approximately 65% of our projects are done through self-funded Canadian project teams. Trained in-country teams complete the rest of our projects with the assistance of Canadian donors and sponsors. Some of our work includes sending portable water filters to countries such as Uganda, Somaliland and the Democratic Republic of the Congo where local ministries then distribute these lifesaving devices.

Another way we work is through partnerships with other organizations like ours. We have financially assisted with WaterStep in the United States and donated to emergency water projects in countries all over the world. We also aim to educate our team, volunteers and local businesses, church groups and organizations about the global water crisis and the need to provide sustainable solutions for clean water access to communities in need through yearly training camps.

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Who We Are

Water Ambassadors Canada partners with people and organizations in the countries we visit so that we ensure a sustainable solution for clean water access.

Our Mission

Over 80% of all wastewater in the world returns to the environment without being treated.

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